1. A

    Good and Bad Genre Names

    was thinking about this in relation to "drag" (in my oppinion a very good genre name) and "witch house" (the same genre, but not so good name...) go here if you have no idea what im talking about and how it seems that bad...
  2. Alfons

    Die Antwoord

    The internet went boom on these guys like boingboing put it ( youtube vids: This stuff creeps me out but fascinates me at the same time. The band members are artists and this kind of seems like...
  3. G

    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    this could catch on. this is on the same label as deadboy; sounds a bit kitsch to me, but im sure someone will like it.
  4. D

    ALLFLAWS release new album

    UK alternative entity Allflaws dropped a new album BLACK BOX HERE AFTER on August the 14th. The album is released off the back of the new subversive single REPLICANT BREED which is out now. Allflaws have gained underground kudos for the progressive and original lyricism merged with interesting...
  5. Z

    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    on CNN, the slight video time delay of the foreign correspondent on location in the little window -- after they've been asked a question it's always a blank stare for a second or 2... sometimes they look like they are silently judging the anchor and the question, sometimes they just look...
  6. N

    TOP 5 electronic pieces of all time ????

    Electronic Music has always been a fertile ground where composers & producers from different backgrounds & genres have cross-pollinated. [event spam deleted - see thread in events - JE] We would like to invite you to send us your TOP 5 electronic pieces of all time. Whatever genre you like -as...
  7. S

    music you've been enjoying lately

    i was listening to new pj harvey and devendra banhart a lot lately..specially devendra..but also some other stuff, and i put some of these songs together in a zip file if you're interested; i'd be much interested in what you've listened to lately, and if...
  8. B

    Burial "Untrue"

    CD Tracklisting: HDBCD002 1. Untitled 2. Archangel 3. Near Dark 4. Ghost Hardware 5. Endorphin 6. Etched Headplate 7. In McDonalds 8. Untrue 9. Shell Of Light 10. Dog Shelter 11. Homeless 12. UK 13. Raver LP Tracklisting: HDBLP002 A1. Archangel A2. Near Dark B1. Homeless B2. Shell of Light C1...
  9. john eden

    Johnny Rotten meets Tommy Vance uptown See the right hand column. Legendary show from Capital Radio 1977 responsible for getting many of yer punks into reggae. Plus some hilarious adverts from the era which just reinforce how well the music has aged.
  10. H


    Hi There, i was wondering if there are any good tips on what to check out apart from the usual dubstep allstars-samplers and stuff like burial? I'd be happy for any good recommendations or news... cheers from karlsruhe, germany, julian
  11. Woebot

    Yacht Rock

    Has everyone seen this? Very silly. Very Funny.
  12. nomos

    sounds you wanna heard

    Prunk :mad: grrrrr Shoestep - I'm going to invent this if no one else does. Shoegazing mid-range dirge a la My Bloody Valentine set to a Dubstep jaunt. Break out the laudenum. Screwcore - Disgusting name. Taking the halfstep concept to it's disorienting extreme with DJ Screw-ish sludge...