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    Good bridges (physical, musical, other) and underpasses

    Inspired by some recent discussions Post in thread 'Urbanomic (Robin Mackay)' https://www.dissensus.com/index.php?threads/15460/post-557065 Post in thread 'Summer of Illegal Raves Expected' https://www.dissensus.com/index.php?threads/15506/post-559268 And cos I went over a good bridge today...
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    100% Juke & Footwork Tracks @ The Alibi, Dalston, this Friday 31st August

    Leatherface and Warlock headline our 2nd ever 'We Buy Gold' 100% juke and footwork tracks party at The Alibi in Dalston this Friday, 31st August. Entry is free all night, and support come from Das Boot and Jambie. Nothing but upfront and exclusive Chicago and Worldwide tracks all night :D All...