1. C

    Peterson meets Rodigan - A History of Reggae and more....

    Kicks off in an hour, but here's a teaser.... Last week David Rodigan came in to chat with Gilles Peterson, and over a couple hours they discussed various topics including the history of Reggae and the effect of the digital revolution on the genre, as well as David’s early...
  2. C

    Homophobia in dancehall/reggae culture.

    I was in East London this evening, for a friend's birthday. He decided to go to an event which combined various world music groups, touching on klezmer and reggae/dancehall. Now, I'm not generally into this venue, because there tends to be quite a wank/hippy crowd, which i find irritating...
  3. N

    [MCR] Daddy G (Massive Attack) & Dom (Blood & Fire) Go Head To Head @ BotW

    Daddy G (Massive Attack) & Dom (Blood & Fire) Go Head To Head @ Band on the Wall Presented by Blood & Fire. A Band on the Wall 'Round Midnight late night event. Friday 11th December 2009 The man they call Daddy G (Massive Attack) and Dom (Blood and Fire) test the bass bins out on the new...
  4. IdleRich

    Babylon OSt question

    At the end of the film there is a scene where Shaka (I believe) is applying all these mad siren sounds to a track at a dance. Is this version of the track with all the crazy fx available anywhere on vinyl? Also, what's the old ska-type tune they play at the wedding early on? Cheers Rich
  5. C

    Early digi reggae

    Following on from the Nitty Gritty can people add some digi reggae ? I only know the obvious ones so ill start with this Kenny Knox
  6. V

    Deep reggae like 'Heart of the Congos'....

    I am not a reggae buff at all but I can't get enough of this at the moment. I love the disembodied chanting bits. What else is along similar mournful, mystical, meditative lines? Ta.
  7. john eden

    Johnny Rotten meets Tommy Vance uptown See the right hand column. Legendary show from Capital Radio 1977 responsible for getting many of yer punks into reggae. Plus some hilarious adverts from the era which just reinforce how well the music has aged.
  8. C

    Clappa, Sensimedia, Dupstepper's Delight Rolling Thread

    Uncle Sam Biography Dem ting Deh, that’s all you’ll heard in the distance when, on August 25th 2005, Uncle Sam’s debut CD hit the airwaves like a hurricane. Uncle Sam broke the barriers and unleashed a twist in the reggae market that the West Indies had never seen before. Uncle Sam, born Ryan...