riot season

  1. S

    80's Pop Poignance

    More of it please. Courtesy of Craner, maybe THE most beautiful piece of music ever produced: Courtesy of Patty: Barti Party:
  2. luka

    We Are All Willing On The Catastrophe

    This is one of the things Ballard got right. We are all aware our feet have never touched the ground. We are desperate for disaster. We are hungry for The Real. We are not content with global warming, we have to accelerate it. There is no way out of this logiv. We all know our secret desires...
  3. Woebot

    UK EU Referendum Aftermath

    oof! well - although i certainly didn't vote for it - it has happened. consequently it seems like the sane thing is to try and come to terms with it. funnily enough the voices in the aftermath i've found comfort from are people who i usually cannot stand - that's the duo at the guardian of...