s-e-x all night to the break of dawn

  1. luka


    There's a massive night happening in Dalston this Saturday put together by promoter woops. Literally Hundreds of people. Very bacchanalian. Unfortunately famous DJ and producer xyloitl has dropped out that's bunnyhausen from this very forum leaving a space on the bill. Woops asked me to spread...
  2. Corpsey

    There's not been a Thing for a while

    When I first used to lurk on here there were always 200 page threads about subgenres - old established titans like the Grime thread, but also Juke, UK Funky, Deep Tech, blablabla Is there nothing like this around now or is it just that we're all out of touch philosopher princes?
  3. version

    Harold Bloom is dead

    Harold Bloom, the prodigious literary critic who championed and defended the Western canon in an outpouring of influential books that appeared not only on college syllabuses but also — unusual for an academic — on best-seller lists, died on Monday at a hospital in New Haven. He was 89.
  4. woops

    Birthday Party

    i'm gonna toss a spectacular party... and i want to see everyone inside! (especially the sexy people) it's going to be very big. so get you're glad rags washed and pressed! check out this tasteful selection of glamorous djs... Hi-Fi Sadist (pre 2005 grime set) DJ Bignose DJ Dog (rap set) DJ...