spurious opposition

  1. IdleRich

    News of the World phone hacking scandal

    Don't think there is a thread on this yet but it looks as though it's finally all starting to come back and bite them on the ass. Should be good fun to watch all this come out. Main thing though is, what the fuck have the police being doing, it's been clear from the start that there was more...
  2. R

    Whats the difference between

    the deleuze thread and the k-punk one ? Can anyone here help? I have been browsing the swatches of k-punk that can be found on the internet. I find it difficult to understand from these what k-punk is. Is k-punk a sacred cow ? should i read previous philosophies first before attempting to...
  3. N

    Entrances to Hell around the UK

    Underlow emits a constant whining sound which ebbs and flows with the moon. It is protected by a foul gas and stands on marshy ground. The nearest settlement is a tiny hamlet named Churchwick which was abandoned during the First World War. An ideal outlet when discretion is necessary. Radiation...
  4. polymorphic

    The God / Dawkins Delusion

    Anyone read Dawkin's book (The God Delusion) and/or the McGrath response (The Dawkins Delusion) ? I enjoyed The God Delusion immensely whilst being subconsciously aware that I'd always kinda wanted to have my own thoughts confirmed by some academic smarter than thou ! I'd always been curious...