1. wektor

    DESTITUTE Mixcast 033 / DJ ZASPA

    yeah so I trained an AI model on the energy fm rips @thirdform posted somewhere, then recorded a ~45 minute jam using the stock ableton 808 drum rack and the mentioned model for timbre transfer. it's mainly very murky core with an often escaping pulse, hope you like:
  2. P

    Reggae Roots in Techno?

    Started reading Joe Muggs' book the other day, and the Dennis Bovell chapter led me to another interview where Bovell talked about recording "Riot in Lagos" at his studio with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Reminded me of an old @thirdform tweetthread about coming to techno through reggae. I think...
  3. DLaurent

    DLaurent's Techno Top 100

    There's not too much Techno talk on here at the moment and so I don't want to tread on anyones toes by doing this thread. I did a top 100 tracks a while back, that was compiled quickly and off the top of my head for another non music forum and I wasn't too happy with how the final list turned...
  4. S

    [09/12/2016] Loose Lips w/D'Marc Cantu, Galaxian & Shinra @ Bar 512, London

    After last year's crazy winter party, we're back in Dalston again with a stellar line-up with some of our very favourite artists... :D £6 / £9 / £12 22:00 - 06:00 - D'Marc Cantu (live) D’Marc Cantu is an American producer who has built up an enviable...
  5. the idiot

    The Idiots Are Winning w/ KARIZMA & Chris Duckenfield 26/6 LDN

    'kin 'ell! Karizma in the Dance Tunnel basement! A rare chance to hear him in such an intimate environment... The people's favourite, Chris Duckenfield, will also be on hand to help things get out of hand ;-) Friday 26th June Karizma (R2 Records) Chris Duckenfield (Swag / Popular Peoples...
  6. the idiot

    The Idiots Are Winning with Ewan Pearson & Chris Duckenfield (London 6/6/14)

    The Idiots Are Winning with Ewan Pearson & Chris Duckenfield Friday 6th June, 10pm - 5am Dance Tunnel, 95 Kingsland High St, London, E8 2PB Now then, you Idiots! Time to prepare yourself for some idiotic antics in the basement... Joining us will be Ewan Pearson, a DJ who has rocked more...
  7. Local Authority

    Ardour Broadcast 2 - its not a dance without the ladies

    I recorded a mix for the hidden women of the dancefloor. You can find it over on my blog Ardour Curations. And tracklist is as follows; Levon Vincent - No Regrets Elgato - Tonight B.D.I Presents Compassion Crew - Paper Tears Bookworms - African Rhythms Anthony Naples - Busy Signal The Mole -...
  8. slim jenkins

    Astro Infinity - Space Age Sounds

    Yes, another mix. If you have time...and might enjoy it.
  9. R

    [LDN] 22.10.11 - Coma Launch Party w/ Audio Injection

    Coma London Launch Party 22.10.11 Room 1 – Coma London Launch Party Audio Injection Vs Truncate (Droid – L.A) 65d Mavericks(Surface Records) Doubleffe Saturday 22nd October @ Rhythm Factory 11pm - 5am £5 NUS or with Flyer/£7 Earlybird/£10 Door Tickets For our first party in London we have...
  10. the idiot

    'The Idiots Are Winning' with I:Cube- Sat 3rd Sept @ Life, 2-4 Old Street, London

    So with our summer hiatus (what summer? Pfftt!) nearly over, the Idiots are happy to say we've another one of our little basement shindigs on the horizon... One, we have to say, we're very much looking forward to as we've coaxed an 'Idiots....' favourite over from his native France, I:Cube...
  11. S

    Crazylegs presents *KYLE HALL* in Bristol - 10/06/11

    CRAZYLEGS FRIDAY 10TH JUNE BASEMENT 45, BRISTOL 2200-0400 KYLE HALL (Wild Oats/FXHE/Hyperdub/Third Ear) Plus support from: KELLY TWINS (UFO) EFA (Pollen) SHANDY (Crazylegs) SPOOKS & SHAUN P (Work) Tickets available soon from: Donuts, 8 Perry Road Cooshti, 57 Park Street Shop Dutty, 116...
  12. D

    Interactive human drone, Fri 24 Sept, Corsica Studios, London

    A night of techno and electronica with James Holden, Margot and Perc, offset by experimental noise and soundscapes in room 2, including an interactive, experimental drone session: Explanatory excerpt - The Border Commune has always...
  13. bruno

    mid 90s ambient techno

    sorry, not a very exciting thread title. anyway, after the original blueprints came a more introspective, darker version of the sound that could be almost new-ageish at times (not a good thing). but there are a couple of gems. i'm thinking of tournesol's kokotsu, the apollo II compilation, a...