Interactive human drone, Fri 24 Sept, Corsica Studios, London


New member
A night of techno and electronica with James Holden, Margot and Perc, offset by experimental noise and soundscapes in room 2, including an interactive, experimental drone session:

Explanatory excerpt -

The Border Commune has always gathered a fellowship of open minds which is so much why it reaches the melodious delirium it always does.

At this month’s event, your open mind is called upon to appreciate and join with a novel feature of the Bordering landscape.

Corsica’s Room 2, usually a place of bumping, percussion and song, will take on a new sonic character. The rich textures of the BC sound will be examined and explored, minus drums and with an eye to the rough and fantastical environments evoked by noise and soundscape.

My own stirring in the space will be a challenging series of moments in which your assistance is crucial.

I will be attempting to conjour a Communal soundscape where as many folk as are present sit on the ground and join in a rousing drone by darkness.

Beginning with a hum, each droner aims to heighten the collective drone, keeping to the same initial frequency. Slight deviations from the frequency will occur and enrich the tapestry.

This is the sort of configuration that readily draws drawls of cynicism from critics perceiving hints of the new-age, forced interaction, experimentation-at-expense-of-enjoyment, or some other miserable assessment. For those, Room 1 will rumble on.

And for us in search of alternate sounds and experience, we will meet in the second.

General night info: