version's tiny penis

  1. V


    When is and isn't it appropriate? Is it ever inappropriate? I thought of making a thread on this after seeing the response to Colin Powell's death. Whenever a public figure dies, there's this dreary atmosphere of people using "don't speak ill of the dead," and the like to rebuff any sort of...
  2. luka

    supermarket pizzas.

    the brandname stuff (chicagotown, dr oetker etc) as well as the own brand stuff. which ones are your favourites. which ones are beyond the pale? what do you add to them before and after cooking? how many do you eat per week?
  3. J


    I watched 'Theorema' by Pasolini this afternoon before my nightshift, I honestly found it very disturbing and hilariously funny in places, does anyone else have any thoughts on this curious film. (music fans should note it has delicious score by Morricone/Nicolai).