1. mvuent

    Dissensus Folk Memory

    this place has been around for a while. there are threads with hundreds or thousands of pages that i've never read. what brutal, traumatic message board wars did latecomers miss out on? what were the high and low points? what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on here?
  2. N

    Entrances to Hell around the UK

    Underlow emits a constant whining sound which ebbs and flows with the moon. It is protected by a foul gas and stands on marshy ground. The nearest settlement is a tiny hamlet named Churchwick which was abandoned during the First World War. An ideal outlet when discretion is necessary. Radiation...
  3. haji

    zapatista yoghurt

    marcos <--------------------------separated at birth---------------------->yoghurt ????
  4. Y

    I collected £13,000 in lost rings so far this year

    There is a place in every city in the UK where lost rings are collected. It is free to the public, and there is no way of getting in trouble for collecting them. If you can guess where it is, I will tell you. The answer is worth £££. If you people mess with me I will not reveal the answer. Go.