The Bernard Parmegiani Thread


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I've checked and we don't have a dedicated Parmegiani thread.

Listening to Chronos the other day, and WOW that's a good 'un. Very bleepy - for fans of early WARP definitely.


Hey Woebot, have you heard this?


Lionel Marchetti and Seijiro Murayama -- "Hatali Atsalei (l'echange des yeux)"

Like De Natura, but reimagined by two Norweigan trolls.


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I'm pretty sure there is a Parmegiani thread? Anyway, the guy kicks ass. So much weight and density to his work. more ideas in a 3 minute track than most 'noise' producers can manage in an album. Big up yoself lively whoever recommended him.


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Somewhat synchronistically when I read the thread some Bernard came on the headphones courtesy of the Autechre FACT mix. Something Bernard-esque at any rate.

There's lots of Coupigny modular bleeps in La Roue Ferris, the one-off synth made for the GRM. Was unearthed from the archives a couple of years ago and is back in use. Matmos had a go on it, I'm sure you know.


Capture Ephemere is another amazing early piece ('67). High velocity transformations of a recording of a bird beating its wings over the dead sea, apparently. The 'pop' collage stuff is great too.


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after lots of mentions by other people i like (notably Coil) I've started having a dig and it is genuinely unnerving stuff... especially on headphones.... the kind of music that makes the surroundings hum...


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This stuff I like about this is the very physical feel you get from it, where the speaker becomes an instrument that is 'live' in the room, so you get this kind of feeling of the music being a solid object within the space or something. Rather than most 'normal' stuff that doesn't sound so palpable and tangible.


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wow, i have spent this whole week looking at pictures of modular synthesisers online, now i find it has invaded dissensus too.
@grizzleb spot on. you want to feel the performance is happening now inside the cdplayer and speakers rather than capturing a performance in another time and place.


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Sorry, with that little synchronocity I thought I should babble for at least a few lines.

True about the physicality, such pure attention to sound qua sound.


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Some will probably already know this, but there are two great Parmegiani tracks on the equally fabulous Electric Panorama box, released by Philips in 1969. Really cool stuff, some of his stuff is very funny as well, like the Ponomatopees.

From the booklet: PONOMATOPEES II - inspired by the electro-acoustic treatment of the voice and also by some of the vocal ravings of pop singers, these chomatopoeic fantasises should be heard, according to the composers, as follows:
1. Sit in the manner of bad European yogis
2. Pretend to concentrate, thinking of nothing but what is said
3. Catch the meaning… repeat.. turn around.
4. Then 'ponomatopise' …. You will free yourself from the enjoyment of the verb!

Track can be found here, together with the rest of the collection:
Paris (including Parmegiani), Utrecht, Tokyo, Warsaw.


that ina box is well worth it. so great.
ways of looking at space and drama without resorting to melody and prescribed rhythm

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Have been working my way through a download of the L'Œuvre Musicale 12CD box. Sounds great but it's the kind of music where you feel you really need to hear the actual CDs.

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That Ina box set is amazing. Great use of a Doors sample on 'Pop Eclectic', for instance....and so much else to explore.


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So gutted about this. He'll be one of the last of his generation I'd have thought. Amazing talent! Such creativity. I'm sure his work will be thought amongst the true finest gems of experimental music in years to come, just so much more advanced than just about anyone else.