James Blake


- untold stop what you're doing remix
- the bells sketch
- saying
- Mount Kimbie maybes remix
- harmonimixes of destiny's child, mala, pev and so many more
- R&S vocal album

i've got a very good feeling about this guy!


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He plays a good DJ set too. I've only seen him once but it was full of dubs from himself including the Pev remix and all that... Roll With The Punches I think... Plus he span some Terror Danjah, Zomby and a ton of Outkast, which was pretty suprising. His blend between Zomby's Kilako and his own Air & Lack Thereof went off. I can't stop playing his stuff, I always find myself reaching for it when I get get behind the decks.


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I hate to be a dick, but I really haven't liked any of the James Blake stuff I've heard. Sounds really messy, with little thought put in and some shite sound sources. Poor drums being used. It's a pity because I love untold, mount kimbie etc, just think his stuff sounds as if he's tried too hard, his tracks have been overdone, and lacking any real cohesion... Like a hodge-podge of a load of popular current sounds without any overall vision of how it should sound.
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i dont really like him too much either. very accomplished producer obv - it sounds impeccably put together, very neat and tidy, everything in its right place, spotless, etc. just doesnt do much for me.
@ benjy, i haven't played it yet, but pev's on the latest fact mix - in typically bristol 'artistic merit/can't be arsed' fashion there's no tracklist - so maybe?

james blake... i'm interested but unconvinced. there's definitely moments, but i'm still not sure if he's nailed it just yet.. i'm waiting for the realisation, rather than the idea, to stop me.
best is yet to come would be a good scenario..


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I like this one.

Also Mount Kimbie are good.


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im wary of getting too excited about someone just cos theyre prolific these days. not saying blake is bad or anything, just that im not quite as excited as others.


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You're letting the side down.

The first time I heard James Blake I dropped what I was doing just so I could concentrate harder on wetting myself more efficiently.


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I'm very excited about him, even though I slept on 'Air and lack thereof'

His 10" on Brainmath with Airhead is a lot