UKG Artist You'd Want To See Get An Essential Mix...



First time posting, but thought I'd pick your brains as to who you'd want to hear an Essential Mix from, from within the UKG fraternity... Now obviously UKG is kinda all encompassing, but who would you want to see rep UKG on the Essential Mix in the near future?

People I thought of off hand include:
MJ Cole

A colleague also suggested SBTRKT...

Thoughts? I have I missed some one really obvious who's doing big things right now?


MJ Cole's already done one (not that that discounts him innit?).

Yeah people have done multiple ones in the past... so it's cool as long as it's not recently...

The thing is, it would be great to get someone in who's got a buzz going, but who is also properly repping the UKG scene. I kinda feel that some of the more Joy Orbison/SBTRKT kinda guys aren't necessarily in the UKG scene, but more in the general bass-culture movement thing... so for this time round, might not be appropriate.

@BareBones - good to know!

tom lea

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100% ben ufo.

edit: tho after seeing your post about strict ukg, what about el-b? or fuck it, just ask oneman, he's partially responsible for 2step coming back the way it has and he's got tunes of tunes from that era.


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Id be abit cautious of EL-b 's mixes atm unfortunately .

Oneman b2b BenUFO over the two hours, they know what garage is about.


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Oneman! I've got so many sets/mixes and the garage selection is always ridiculous. 2 hour essential mix would be just a rinse show but more thought out i guess, as in premeditated.


Oneman's myspace is a nightmare. Multiple tracks start to play automatically, and I couldn't figure out where from. Farked with my head.


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Oneman b2b Ben UFO b2b Jackmaster

11 hour special.

that works in a big way - throw in some technical difficulties and interviews with jackmaster and i'm sold.

as for el-b - would definitely steer clear of that, unless you want an em with sweet shop, when i look at you, blinded by the lights and sincere nero remixes.