Alien vs Predator

Jim Daze

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Utterly ridiculous and no relation in terms of style and acting to it's predecessors but strangely compelling in its unrelenting rubbishness.
We are told that the Aliens where created by the Predator warrior race for sport, so that they could hunt them in their sub-arctic mayan/aztec/egyption temple complex. The aliens got out of hand so they had to blow them up, however the big mamma alien remained fozen and in chains........until now... :eek:


i just read a retrospective review of the classic AvP game which came out a few years back and was ace.

kinda doom style, you could be predator (different weapons, different views) or alien, creeping around on the walls or roof multiple bite and tail attacks, or GI - basically cowering in a corrodor shitting yr pants from terror - had 1 or 2 top multiplayer sessions with rewch - never played such a suspenseful game

prolly still got a copy somewhere, certainly recommend it over hollywood kak...


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ah , but life locked deep under the ice of Antartica , now there is a thread on its own.........................

Jim Daze

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The aliens are more of a pure predator than the actual Predator characters who in this film exhibit signs of compassion and are also far more technically advanced than the aliens. One discrepancy I did notice was that although the Predator is hosting an alien offspring the other aliens still attack it......

(oh my god, what is happenning to me..........)


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But the big question is how faithful is it to the Dark Horse comics?

Perhaps if this film is really successful, they'll follow it up with an adaptation of Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator...


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I suppose it can't be as bad as the fourth film, but I'm guessing it comes close. Such a shame - I wish they had let Fincher have another bash at the franchise (I'm guessing I'm one of the few who liked Alien3).
The AvP game was amazing, especially playing as the Alien, hanging from the ceiling waiting to pounce on unsuspecting humans.
Speaking of comic book adaptions, 'Batman: The Dark Night Returns' would be an amazing (if violent and completely non-Hollywood) film - especially with the Superman showdown in the finale. You can always dream...


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i always laugh when i think back to, alien 2 i think, and the character played by bill paxton, at the start of the movie he is all like "lets kick some alien arse man, c'mon man" full hyped up , but then when he actually comes accross the aliens he does the total switch and is like "we're gonna die man" in a real squeelly voice, probably one of the greatest macho characters in any sci-fi i'v ever seen


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AVP killed a franchise. Allan Ladd would concur. Ridley "THE MASTER" Scott, and HR GIGER have been talking about a sequel for decades. Bill Gibson's Alien 2 script nailed it. Unfilmalmable at the time, ILM could deliver it now.


Soundtrack-Richard D James
Screenplay-William Gibson
Director-Chris Cunningham
Producer-Ridley Scott

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