[Sheffield] Tinnitus 5th Birthday - 29th April 2011


Wild Horses
Friday the 29th of April 2011 will be a day to remember. A day to rejoice, a day for a royal celebration of such magnitude that your children's children will recall the day that their mother's mother, their father's father, their father's father's tennis partner and his butler's sister partied so hard that they had to sit down.
The day will be immortalised for all time in the hearts and minds of the of the good men and women of the United Kingdom who came together and laughed in the face of austerity, who joined hands as brothers and sisters to celebrate something they truly believed in. As people dance and celebrate and forget their woes and put faith in something so wonderful, something so pure, something so beautiful, onlookers will know this could mean only one thing…. ITS THE FOOOKING TINNITUS 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

…and what a splendid party it will be! You'll know that we've always pulled out all the stops for our legendary birthday parties and this party will be no exception. As a young male employee once said to me when I ordered 20 chicken nuggets, "You don't fuck about, do you mate?" And no, my friend, no we don't.

Tinnitus 5th Birthday - Friday 29 April 2011

12 - 6am @ a secret Central Sheffield location

Room One - Core & Bass

The Dj Producer (90 minutes)-(Rebel Scum/Deathchant/Killing Sheep/TTM)
He utterly annihilated the floor at the 2nd birthday party, so we though it stupid not to get him back. He's the the best Hardcore Techno DJ in the Universe (probably), he's not played in Sheffield for 3 years and you get to hear him for an HOUR AND A HALF.

Johnny Sideways LIVE (Kaotek Wreckords / Jigsore)
Properly live, TribalHardTekKorePsy, bangingness. Northern style.

The Squire of Gothos (Offmenut Records/Rag and Bone)
Globe-trotting bassline-raping local legends get on the case.

DJ Disowned (Braindamageradio.com/Graffitti Breakz)
Our favourite non-resident guest DJ fellow will bring the hardcore in only the way he can, with just the right amount of cheese.

Distorted Panda (Tinnitus)
Watch as the Tinnitus main man and resident twiddles a quite preposterous number of knobs whilst playing disgraceful tunes off his laptop.

DJ Happyslap (Tinnitus/Disjunkt)
Proud southern ponce Happyslap will probably be playing a load of nasty speedcore. Or maybe some ultracore. Or what about a set entirely made up of Passenger of Shit Tunes? Definitely no speed garage though,

Sinista Tek (Tinnitus/Re:Wired)
Just like the stinky cheeses, fine wines and anything with an Amen Mr Tek adores, he just gets better with age (or something, work with me here people). Anyway, he's fucking ace.

Room Two - Unpredictable Live Electronics

Headcleaner LIVE (Rephlex)
Home-made analogue acidic phatness.

Ascetic LIVE (Bad Sekta)
Man of mystery . . .

busmonitor LIVE

terra audio LIVE
Nature meets computer tek in soul adventures using a variety of ongoing unpredictable methods. Some like it otter...

Bitrex LIVE

Jones (Now Then/Mr Misanthropy UK 2010)
The finest creative mind in Sheffield will play some ‘sub driven techno with weird samples’ (he’s got loads apparently).

Ben Junction Box - exclusive funk, disco and *proper* electro set

Sound by Danger Noise Audio / Lasers by Mr DMX

Advance Tickets £6 available from residentadvisor.net & wegottickets.com / M.O.T.D

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