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there are a lot of cults about. if you're religious in any way you're one step from a cult. i can remember as a first year university student there were loads of cult recruiters about. erm no one had to tell me that's what they were, i could just tell. preying on the innocent first time away from home.
I'd take it further, if you're an institution or subculture or field of discourse you're often only 1-2 steps from a cult also.


Absolutely, and a lot of the recruitment is very sinister, there was one church I used to pass often that had this sign saying you should join if you were weak, helpless, list etc which I suppose was meant to look comforting but to me just made it explicit that they wanted the most vulnerable to get their hooks into.


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Mother God is "resting"

err, she's dead and mummified - Love Has Won!

Prosecutors have charged seven people after the mummified body of the leader of a spiritual group called Love Has Won was found decorated with Christmas lights and glitter in what appeared to be a shrine in a southern Colorado home.

Amy Carlson, 45, who was known as “Mother God” by her followers, was found dead in a home in the tiny, rural town of Moffat on 28 April, according to arrest affidavits. Each of the defendants is facing charges related to tampering with or abusing a corpse as well as child abuse.

A coroner’s office has not said how or when Carlson died.