House/techno 2013


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Local Authority

bitch city
Chicago Flotation Device

Relatively obscure London 3-piece but some of you have probably heard of them. Here's a stunning mix from them.

Tracklist -

1. 1991 - High-Tech Love-Life
2. Madteo - We Doubt (You Can Make It)
3. Marcos Cabral - 24 Hour Flight
4. XDB - Recago
5. Juju & Jordash - Bleached Roots
6. Jared Wilson - Drug Related Stories
7. Lowtec - Angstrom
8. Marcelus - Shape
9. Rau - The Blessing
10. Unbroken Dub - Untitled [Untitled Dubs A2]
11. MRSK - Image CTRL
12. Lucretio - Tell Me
13. Michael Ferragosto - Risque Intentions
14. Appointment - Untitled [Reconstruction B2]
15. Unbalance - Untitled [Unbalance 002 A1]
16. Answer Code Request - Main Mode
17. GW - Hurry Up
18. Inland - Nightfall
19. Shifted - Cold Light (Sektor A)
20. A&S - Five 002
21. Function - Incubation (Ritual)
22. Area - Elleinad "Interlude 02" (Area Expand)


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Anyone else get Kassem Mosse's The Siege Of Troy cassette? I paid about £25 for it on discogs (because I'm a sucker for both KM and limited edition tapes) and it's dead good raw experimental techno


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I didn't pick it up, i was hearing some of it though, kindof a different direction for him right?

buncha strength music represses coming in soon


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Really looking forward to hearing the new fabric 70 mixed by Apollonia (dyed soundorom, dan ghenacia and shonky) should be some slick shit for real.


Thanks for posting that DJ Sprinkles track Trilliam. Fully feeling it.

Would go well with this one I reckon:

Kaiden Gray - Do For Me


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Bloody hell, no posts in here since June. So what's good in house/techno these days? Because I haven't been paying much attention

Did pick these up yesterday though

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DJ sprinkles grand central McDe baseline dub


easy one of the best house tunes of the last few years. strange you mention that cos reading your descriptions of why you liked the uk tech house stuff on another thread it made me think of that tune