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Recently went to a cousin's wedding. Cover band playing all kinds of genres. Got a few videos of her dancing to Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up. Ain't going to argue with that kind of music, but then they said, "This is a flashback to the 90s!" and played Freed From Desire. Whole dancefloor went mad, all my aunties with double hip replacements shocking out! It rivalled any rave I've been to.


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I've never even heard of that track, and it has 155 million YT views.

Ah, the Italian cousins made some proper bangers in the mid 90s.

This one bangs, much better than that livin joy one which is annoying. nice subtle bubbling acid underneath as well. Conveniently missing from @craner 's eurodance list.

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Phil Collins probably fits, American Psycho stuff, but good production with 80s reverbs and presumably DX type synths.