Dim Den - Ancient Spirit Modern Means (wave/synth/bass)


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Dim Den is RRKK's project.
Artist known for many different aliases and from many different projects in finland.
Rrimöykk, RPK, Eurocrack, Koksukoo, Ceebrolistics, Murmurecordings etc.
Dim Den is a project in which 80's and 90's electronic new wave music's
esthetics meets presence.

Ancient Spirit Modern Means is drum machines, synths,
echos, low basses and haunting ambiences.

This release is available on cassette and digital formats
Katusea is a source for RRKK's and in future also
for other similar minded artists releases.
Katusea is back in releasing music after six years of hiatus.

More Katusea info: https://www.facebook.com/katuseasounds