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I don't think a particle could be so energetic that it couldn't be deflected by any magnetic field - the particle would have to be infinitely energetic in that case - but perhaps they meant 'any plausible astrophsyical magnetic field source that we know of'.

Yeah obviously not completely unaffected, what they're saying is that the deflection by anything that they know of that could feasibly be involved here would be negligible.

Below is a quote from the Guardian. Apparently the particle has been named Amaterasu after a Japanese sun god if I remember rightly. The even higher energy event recorded in about 1990 was called Oh-My-God. If they find something higher yet they've already decided that it will be named Jesus Fucking Christ

particles with Oh-My-God or Amaterasu-level energy would be expected to blast through intergalactic space relatively unbent by galactic and extra-galactic magnetic fields, meaning it should be possible to trace their origin.


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Keith DS is headed into space, fly high big man the Green Brigade salutes you

at least he is on the "enterprise" flight, the presumably cheaper option of "remains deposited on the moon" is under threat due to legal action by the Navajo Nation

the President of the Navajo Nation, Buu Nygren, has filed a formal objection with NASA and the U.S. Department of Transportation over what he calls an act of desecration. "It is crucial to emphasize that the moon holds a sacred position in many Indigenous cultures, including ours," Nygren wrote in a letter dated Dec. 21. "The act of depositing human remains and other materials, which could be perceived as discards in any other location, on the moon is tantamount to desecration of this sacred space." Nygren has asked NASA to delay the mission until the Navajo Nation's objections are addressed.


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Oppenheim’s theory envisages the fabric of space-time as smooth and continuous (classical), but inherently wobbly. The rate at which time flows would randomly fluctuate, like a burbling stream, space would be haphazardly warped and time would diverge in different patches of the universe. The theory also envisions an intrinsic breakdown in predictability.