ps: is there anything to the rumour about OTO being the Crowley thing? Or is it just a coincidence?
"Secrets of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , The night i premiered this film i was hospitalised by four guys. Osiris Temple Number Four was the 2nd Temple in England after London , Weston Super Mare Local Historian reveals many years of research . . ."

john eden

male pale and stale
I remember having a very incongruous conversation with someone from the Ordo Templi Orientis about their OTO baseball team once.


I notice Orlando Harrison who I assume is The Spirit from Alabama 3 had a release on this. We used to play poker together sometimes.


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Literally terabytes of bodyspam gush from my cleavered gut contorting and hurling a harsh beige pumping swirl of bile and chunks that blow into a gash of nicely printed paper bagging under my chin like a bib FLY EMIRATES a thin chord of acid dribble stringing from my lip. Mate. It’s a cold tight cold feeling with a clingy close bubble of hugging close silvery shiver effect that sticks around my ribs, up the spine etc etc and you can’t expect me to sit around on the runway like some lemon I’ve got disposable income, looking down I find a freshly lost brown leather wallet and rifle through it, a stack of nearly complete loyalty cards Pret, Nero, Itsu and many more as well as a Monzo card, i press the service buzzer and order a Heineken.

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The heavens cracked open, armies of angels passing through The Arch on horses. Their eyes were a flame of fire and from their mouths came a sword penetrating the flesh. A rain of rocks fell, the satellites and power towers melting in the burning sun. It screamed a beautiful melody. presents the apocalyptic visions of producer Nokuit. Constructing a hellish diorama across six tracks of industrial electronics, Golden Arch uses biblical allegory to explore contemporary malaise.