Implicit model of other people’s visual attention as an invisible, force-carrying be


Apparently Hermann Nitsch once had a staring contest with a donkey.

There's a Venezuelan barmaid in a pub I hang out in who firmly believes in the 'evil eye'. She was sure someone had put it on her one week when she dropped and broke an inordinate amount of pint glasses.


Significance Statement

Although many migrating and homing animals are sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field, most humans are not consciously aware of the geomagnetic stimuli that we encounter in everyday life. Either we have lost a shared, ancestral magnetosensory system, or the system lacks a conscious component with detectable neural activity but no apparent perceptual awareness by us. We found two classes of ecologically-relevant rotations of Earth-strength magnetic fields that produce strong, specific and repeatable effects on human brainwave activity in the electroencephalography (EEG) alpha-band (8–13 Hz); EEG discriminates in response to different geomagnetic field stimuli. Biophysical tests rule out all except the presence of a ferromagnetic transduction element, such as biologically-precipitated crystals of magnetite (Fe3O4).