Wanted to contribute "Femi Dub (Love Me)" by Delroy Witter but all the versions on Boobtube are the wrong song. I and I don't deal with Spotify so it might be there - if it suddenly starts playing backwards, about 12 seconds in, you've probably found it.

Anyway, think this is my favourite dub of all time...amazing build-up. Bass really wasted on a 13" laptop.
Shame the rest of the album was quite boring.



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That shattering thing that happens on a good dub re Ord. These inter iews I'm doing talk about how the valves need a warm up, they take a few hours to hold the vibration, then they get it, and it's that ghost in the machine.

One guy talks about how after the dance, they had to wrap the valves in blankets and take them down last, cos they were so delicate, we're still vibrating hours after.