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Barty's List.

1) Kartel freed from jail.

2) Not being accused of sex crimes.

3) Sex.

4) Headie One having a quiet 2020.


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Corpsey's List.

1) A lace handkerchief.

2) The smell of old books.

3) A Da Baby Christmas Song.

4) An appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.


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Third's List.

1) Baked bean cum.

2) Flashcore.

3) The death of every musician on Earth except Autechre.

4) The tempering of laddish banter.


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John Eden's List.

1) Reggae.

2) A new camo tracksuit.

3) The seizing of the means of production. (This might be an idea for Third too, so anyone for looking for stocking fillers...)


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Sufi's List.

1) A genuine offer for Dissensus.

2) A new map.

3) A badge making it clear he is not a gammon.


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Craner's List.

1) Champagne.

2) Ferrero Rocher.

3) The complete and utter annihilation of Iraq.

4) Welsh Independence.

5) Something signed by Tony Blair.


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Mvuent's List.

1) More threads about electroacoustic music.

2) Productive dissent.

3) Everyone to finally get Autechre and stop being 'haters'.


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IdleRich's List.

1) To win his five-a-side tournament.

2) Drugs.

3) Drugs.

4) Drugs.

5) A measure of sanity in politics.


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Vimothy's List.

1) Oliver Craner.

2) The death of liberalism.

3) luka to stop bullying Josef K.

4) Maths.


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Mr. Tea's List.

1) Puns.

2) A Jamaican voodoo posse from Predator 2 shirt.

3) A slap bass mixtape.

4) Mushrooms.

5) Everyone to realise he's right about politics.