Intuitionist Maths might help reconcile quantum physics and relativity

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All you've said is that I can't "parse his grammar", when in fact I've pointed out that he isn't making any sense.

What's happened here is, more or less, that a monkey has bashed its fists into a keyboard a few times, I've pointed out that the essentially random string of symbols that's resulted from it is inherently meaningless, and you're pretending to be able to make sense of the symbols while telling me I'm too stupid to understand it, and "scared" because it's going to "overturn my worldview."


That presupposes there's anything to engage with.

And you are, yet again, ignoring the post in which I did attempt to grapple with his "ideas", such as they are.
I told you how you misparsed the simple grammar in some of the sentences you misunderstood and 'translated' them for you too.


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