london radio sets


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no fucking about please

xmas day rinse fm shows first

Got a soft spot for that spyro set, think I was in the live thread on grimeforum when it was going out. Must've listened to it daily for months.

2005 Roll Deep is brilliant for all the NASA stuff, Maximum plays some craig david refix I have never been able to find

was obsessed with this one for a good while, Big Seac really fucks it up


Benny Bunter

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The topsee & petchy sets from back then were some of the best ever. Shame they're not on youtube as i hate not being able to rewind on mixcloud

Thats my mixcloud channel btw, I uploaded a shit ton of sets on it, you'll find all the petchys there. But yeah theyve really fucked mixcloud up now. The mobile app is terrible as well, shame.


bandz ahoy
My dream is for somebody to come out of the woodwork and send me dj gib maximum old skool 3 so I can finally upload it to youtube and never have to beg for it again

Benny Bunter

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I'll stick em up on youtube if you want, although i'll need the mp3s

Amazingly this big mediafire folder of live fm sets including all the classic petchys is still there 10 years after i upped them!

So fire away corpsey

Benny Bunter

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Where should I start? What's the alltimer?
This is the one i posted earlier, my personal fave cos its got shantie guesting and gets ridiculously hype. They dedicate the show to yellowman, their mate whos listening from jail. You'll have heard it probably.