Topical beasts - @martin is resident expert i believe

we live near a brook so there are always lots of midges and spiders - bat country
i had a couple of recent close encounters - a couple of weeks back down the allotment a little bat circled us for a while at dusk - close enough to feel its breeze, which means ...
close enough that we could germinate each other!!
I wonder if i could give it wuhan bat flu, or maybe it could give me the south enfield version

anyway here you go


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these bat noses are offending my sensibilities when they're front on like this

I've seen a bat once when I was out looking for birds. wish I got a picture, it was just hanging under a ledge, it was pretty cool!!

Simon silverdollarcircle

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When I was on holiday in Sri Lanka we saw a load of flying foxes leave their roost and fly over to wherever they get their food.

They're massive, like as big as a dog, and there were 1000s of them, so it was like a huge goth cloud flying over head. It darkened the sky and went on for about 15 minutes. It's the best thing I've ever seen


I tried to big up the flying foxes here before but didn't get far

All bats are basically saving us from mosquito apocalypse.


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they're awful. Disgusting, unpredictable, dirty, smelly.

I can just about tolerate dolphins and horses but they're exceptions and even at that I'm still cautious.

john eden

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I have the parts for a bat detector somewhere. Needs soldering together so I haven’t been arsed. They make really cool Mark Fell type noises when a bat is near iirc.


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My dad was out bat hunting/detecting/whatever you call it with a mate a while back and something bit his eye. I don't think it was a bat, but it still sounded unpleasant. Funny though.

john eden

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And let’s not forget these classic bars from the man like Abiezer Coppe from his Fiery Flying Roll mixtape:

In that day a man shall cast his Idols of Silver, and Idols of Gold—to the bats, and to the Moles. To go into the Clefts of the Rocks and into the tops of the ragged Rocks, for feare of the Lord, and for the glory of his Majesty. For the Lord is now RISEN to shake terribly the Earth,


in je ogen waait de wind
I read this last night and thought about this thread.

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this is why i like bats. they signal a very specific moment of the day and time of the year. at least they do for me. it's the bit between daylight and night time where the sky is not yet pitch black but where evening sets in and the sun has disappeared. the sky is a darkish blue now and the acoustics have changed. you're sitting outside smoking a cigarette and you're starting to notice the first bats, dancing around in the air.