What does VIP mean..?


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In the context of a remix....? I feel like I ought to know this. I guess I first came across it in dnb, old Moving Shadow stuff, and now grime and dubstep tracks have VIP mixes? What does it mean/stand for, and what was the origin of the term?


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I always thought it came about as a term for special dubplate mixes, made for certain dj's, that weren't slated for release (although some did end up getting released).

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It's latin, can't remember what it actually means though.

Something about exclusivity.

I never done latin at school, you see?


I thought it just meant Very Important Person - IE: a bigshot like Randall is/was very important and therefore got given exclusive mixes which folks of minimal import (IE: the rest of us) could only drool over until a year or two later when, if we were lucky, we might get a chance to buy it ourselves and feel, for a moment, just a little bit more important than usual.

If I ever release anything (seems less likely every year) I'm going to put "VIP" after every track name - spread the love.


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same as normal use of v.i.p - very important person

as noted above - a mix meant for the big boy DJs as an exclusive... but some of them get released eventually

good example - hype's version of super sharp shooter which went

the d, the e, the e,
the j, the a, the y,
the h, the y, the p, the e

john eden

male pale and stale
I seem to remember reading on one of the more academically inclined dance music blogs that it stood for "Viper in Pants", which is apparently originates in the blues/gospel world of the american deep south. I guess probably the more ecstatic churches with their snake charming/blessing and whatnot. Crazy, eh?


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Away from the humour for a bit... it often seemed to me that you'd see VIP remix as code for "someone hot has dropped this mix on us, but we're not going to tell you who"...


Yeah those mixes where every tune is listed as a VIP (EG: AWOL at the Ministry) are pretty pretentious actually.