The magic island


Suppose we had a magic island, how would it be?

Let's imagine it, make a plan!



we can use wafer thin metaphors to pretend we're not talking about this accursed swamp country


if we install @Bad Faith Healer as minister of nutrition we can live slim on steak and eggs forever

or rather free from hierarchy just have him doing all the cooking
can we take for granted a sustainable cruelty free agroecology, providing ample for all tastes?
unless the stoopid hoomans mess up the configuration somehow?


Tight but Polite
Everyone will live in their own personal “cathedral.” There will be rooms more conducive to dreams than any drug, and houses where one cannot help but love. Others will be irresistibly alluring to travelers....

The main activity of the inhabitants will be CONTINUOUS DRIFTING. The changing of landscapes from one hour to the next will result in total disorientation....

The hacienda must be built.


No golf, ever
adam curtis voice: meanwhile in magical revolutionary cuba the first woman in space decolonises the nazi Dupont MANSIÓN XANADÚ
In March 1957 Dupont visited Xanadu for the last time. On 12 December 1963, Xanadu opened as "Las Americas" Restaurant, with Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova as guest of honor. That same day, at the age of 85, Irenee Dupont passed away in the US.
what will you bring to our island @other_life :)?