Presently intoxicated. Never before have I felt such respect for Sofia Coppola.

First time watching Marie Antoinette.

I have seen Somewhere, Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides before tonight.

My family had generous reserves of Benedictine, i.e. a full bottle, for use tonight.

The soundtrack I thought worked wonderfully, although I did have uncertainties about the diageticity of the music being played, e.g. the dancing scene.

Would recommend to fellow suburban aristocrats.

In short, I admire Coppola in a more purely feminine capacity, perhaps, than I admire any other director.

The "I love candy" montage worked well, but I wonder what budget could have been allocated to recording an original track from instruments available during the time of the film's setting.
But I applaud Sofia Coppola. No more is she merely, in my mind, the product of a generous director father.

Although I would like to rewatch Lost in Translation, as that film may have been such a basis as this one.
Now having looked up her images, I find her sexually attractive, and I wish I had a greater literacy in human hormonal/neurochemical systems.
It starts around 4.5 billion years ago with the formation of our galaxy, and ends around 4 billion years in our future as Earth is swallowed by the sun after absorbing radiation from the collision of our galaxy with Andromeda, with artificial life having already been sent out into other galaxies.

Its uncanny how matter of fact this documentary talks about how AI will succeed humanity.
But it covers proto-life and how amino acids and peptides form under certain circumstances. Turns out to involve underground geysers and uranium radiation, which I had no idea about.