we've lost the nuum godfather - RIP Richard H. Kirk


Cat Malogen

a personal favourite complete with rocking rave video graphics

65. Seems premature for one reason or another, the train or drive to Sheffield always ascending


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Gleefully cheeky acid track by Kirk I only recently discovered. Saw him live at the Disobey night some time in the late 90s, doing his dubbed out Electronica thing with live video mixing (surveillance footage, news reportage, etc - kind of grainy VHS aesthetic Adam Curtis avant-la-lettre). Sweet Exorcist ‘Testone’ was probably the first ‘cool’ record I bought



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Comment read: "i'm going to wager this--from Ferris Bueller's Day Off--is probably CV's biggest cultural exposure in America"



Blimey, today's been streaked with death.

Like Lee Perry, too many class moments to pick. Think I can best express my admiration by saying I actually banjaxed my copy of The Living Legends... by overplaying it. And that Silent Command destroys my thesis that all white reggae is crap. RIP.