What's on DJ Donald's Mar-a-Lago party playlist?

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Let's Talk About Ceps
I'm expecting a certain amount of crossover with the Reagan Rock thread, interspersed with some slow-n-smoochy numbers for Ivanka all you lovers out there.


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based on artists who objected to his choice of campaign songs...I can imagine him playing these as a massive "fuck you"

the grand entrance, the Don warms up the octogenarians

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

picking up the pace

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

fuck yeah, we're rolling...

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A

fuck, too much excitement, heart may be pumping too much, calm them down with a power ballad, but still pump that fist! Lighters in the air!

Aerosmith - Dream On

and then the drugs really kick in, the non-ironic disco selection...

Village People - YMCA

whistle posse in full effect, chant along, woop woop!

paramedics at the ready...

Village People - Macho Man

anyone want to run a sweepstake on the number of cardiac arrests during The Don's DJ set?
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Was gonna say YMCA.... after all, he IS the greatest dancer

Some of those moves are insane, have you seen that clip of him breaking? I would never have thought that someone of his age and, ahem, stature could windmill like that.


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what woman could resist?

edit: I'll revise that to :"What human could resist?"

edit: actually, in preparation for the "equality, diversity, and inclusion" course I'm being forced to attend, I will amend that to "what organism ( living or dead ) could resist?"
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rack out those lines!

Kiss - I was Born For Loving You

coded Illuminati* lizard people messages from Knights In Satan's Service

viagra rock / disco crossover

sildenafil sonics!

spray on tan dripping from the forehead, staining the formerly pristine dress shirt

*Trump /Epstein/ The Prince Formerly Known As Andrew belong to the fake evil illuminati, there's more than one, beware of imitations...

edit: I'll bet a £ or 2 that the ex-POTUS has some scans of polaroids taken by Gene Simmons
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no doubt the big DON will spin some loli-pop from the former Soviet Republic

t.A.t.U - All The Things She Said

extremely depressing footnote
: this tune occupied the number one spot in the UK charts, probably based on the schoolgirl lesbian imagery depicted in the video #NonceNation
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keeping it real, street knowledge from the former Prez in his token boom bap interlude

Ghostface Killah - Kilo

Weights & measures, get it down, memorise this to convert Imperial to that pesky continental nonsense ( 28 grams = approx 1 oz ):

A kilo is a thousand grams,
Easy to remember

even the DEA & CIA dudes on the dance floor should be able to wrap their numbskulls around that
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