Decent house/electronic remixes of major label singles


warp drive
i see hex hector is already posted in the 'bad' category

this one still does it for me though



Cat Malogen
How many exist?

I'm browsing through Janet Jackson's back catalogue and there's all these fairly underwhelming remixes by Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden...

Must have been so much money in this back in the 90s esp. but how many actually great choons came out of it?

not many and you noted most are pony but there are still plenty of nuggets out there gathering dust

if I could move and think clearly at the same time this would be easier, off the top of my head



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I bought that on CD single for the remixes for about 50p last year and it has been a total gem for me - it's really easy to bring into a mix and when the bass comes in it sounds incredible
David Morales did a good thing with this Bjork song, especially around the 2 minute mark.

Cheesey as it is, this is the only Junior Vasquez tune I like, that's not a diss just that the rest of his stuff I've heard has been very forgettable (maybe he has some other good tracks). I doubt Qkumba Zoo were ever that big but this was on a major label

And going into the garage you have this Jeremy Sylvester mix of Danni Minogue, the label put this out on a pseudonym presumably because her reputation wasn't much in the underground. Kicks in after two minutes.