found footage from the Backrooms


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Recently saw someone suggest that Saudi linear city would end up " . . . covered in ads and maintenance, and the interior will be Logan's Run meets the Backrooms,".


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Dubai is hell on earth.
I only recently got to know that apparently they do not have a proper sewer system in there, so every now and then a convoy carrying thousands of tonnes of fecal matter departs into the desert, disposing of it being the task.


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backrooms/house of leaves doom map

the last couple of weeks I've been a bit obsessed with myhouse.wad

I've watched numerous play throughs by various streamers, mainly because of the music that soundtracks the "burnt house" sequences

reminds me of the recent "Romance & Dean Hurley" albums

myhouse.wad burning house

Romance & Dean Hurley - River of Dreams ( full album )

but also because of the "gamers" wtf reactions to non-euclidean geometry and inability to comprehend the associated "lore"

I've never known a Doom ( a 30 ?year old game ( a "boomer shooter" ) ) mod to have such an effect

maybe the first computer game level that actually deserves the accolade of "art"


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Esselfortium - memory=entryrrrr///// (MyHouse.wad)​

just because I can be a bit obsessive, I tracked down the "haunting" ambient tune that soundtracks the bits of myhouse.wad where it gets interesting

here's alternative link to the tune on bandcamp where i just splashed out a dollar on the digital download


by Esselfortium

now there's no need for me ever again to watch "gamers" screaming, or any reason for me to be shouting at them to "fill up the sink!", "don't shoot the dog!", "walk through the mirror!", "jump in the bath tub", "leave the women's bathroom entrance free of blood!", etc.,

one dollar well spent

bonus cheat codes:

IDCLIP (on): "Be careful not to clip out of reality in the wrong areas..."
IDCLIP (off): "Better safe than sorry..."
IDKFA: "It's about the journey, not the destination."
IDFA: "If you find yourself exploring another map, bring a Super Shotgun back with you."
IDCHOPPERS: "Leave the entrance to the bathroom unsullied for a Big Fucking reward."
IDDQD (on): "My reflection winked at me. I covered the mirror in the attic just to be safe."
IDDQD (off): "There's no good outcome from a house fire."
IDBEHOLD: "The living room painting hides a clue... if you find all the artifacts."
IDMUS: "This isn't the d_runnin you know... let it play out."


myhouse.wad - airport sullied bathroom


myhouse.wad - the backrooms ( IDCLIP: on )

edit: there is a way out of the "backrooms" that doesn't involve death....


myhouse.wad: backrooms exit



I'm thinking about how, at the end of Stalker, only the coffee cups are left, filling with rain. People come in and out of these spaces in great waves, crashing and ebbing, ballrooms and cafeterias filled by international conferences, political summits, boyscout jamborees. Hundreds or thousands of people converging on these spaces that are filled and come to life, and then empty out, feel almost like ruins. The scale is all wrong, the fluorescent overheads need replacing. The chandelier is covered in cobwebs. Atlantic City casinos that never filled capacity; rundown boardwalks and boarded up tunnels under Ocean Boulevard. The flows of life have evacuated these places.