Googie (and related style and design)


What about films in this style - I don't think that I have ever heard a film described as a "googie film" in the way that you sometimes hear something described as an art deco film or, I dunno, a cyberpunk film, or steampunk or whatever. Also, I'm not totally sure what I would mean if I asked for a googie film - or what I mean is, it feels as though it could be a way to describe a film in which people are in space and they live in a world that googie architecture aspires to - I suppose like the Jetsons. But I'm thinking I'd be more interested in a film in the real world but where people dressed like this


And hang about in places like this


In other words I would like to see a film set in the real world but inside that style - in the way that the BBC Poirot always takes place in this paradise of international modernism - rather than in the actual space that the style aimed to evoke.


Plenty of cars in this style though... I guess that's cos the buildings kinda copied their style from the cars and so they found themselves co-opted into a style that didn't exist when they were built.



I'm still trying to find out what was the men's equivalent of, say, this


If someone can point me in the right direction I will definitely start dressing in that style all the time.

I have a feeling that it will turn out - rather disappointingly - that while women were wearing weird helmet, huge sunglasses and weird domestic shapes, men were wearing some variation on a suit.

I rather like the garment this guy is wearing though - despite not quite knowing what it is


I reckon it would suit me rather well as I get behind the wheel of my Alfa Romeo



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Danish millionaire, Simon Spies's house



Spies was extremely interested in LSD




"Spies was a flamboyant character who boasted of his sexual appetites, which included bacchanalian orgies at his spaceship-like mansion and having sex in public with the star of Bordellet ( The Brothel ) at the film's premiere." - quoted from Divine Rascal - Andy Roberts



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There's a bunch of googie where I live, car washes, restaurants, etc. Almost ubiquitous enough as to be invisible, I'd say, or taken for granted in any case.


I saw this tracksuit for sale in Zara today - I reckon it could fit. Certainly the closest I've seen yet.


I can imagine wearing that as I leap out of my Vauxhall SRV...


...laughing gaily as I extend a helping hand to my asymmetrically bobbed partner before we climb the steps to my luxury pod. Once inside she desports herself elegantly in the floor pit and produces a little mirror on to which she pours a large heap of white powder, while I busy myself at the cocktail cabinet, gazing at the breathtaking vista which fills the whole of one glass wall and..... er, where was I again? Oh yes, I remember, not doing that.
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There's a bunch of googie where I live, car washes, restaurants, etc. Almost ubiquitous enough as to be invisible, I'd say, or taken for granted in any case.
Can you get some photos mate? I would to see some actual photos of this in the wild, not jazzed up for an exhibition or whatever but performing their function as intended.

In fact I would like to see more suggestions in any field. There must be some films with this aesthetic mustn't there?