the house Renaissance

Her voice is not suited to this kind of material.
You’re right. I don’t really like her voice. And it’s a boring Christian billionaire channeling the sass of skint freaks so it doesn’t land in a way but also …. Those 2 ones I posted in tune of there day are undeniably bangers


Cultural appropriation on Beyonce's part

Wait, hang on, the album really isn't that dance-musical
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I didn't mind that 'Break My Soul' tune, but yeah, can't say the hype machine's really drawn me in on this one. The coverage she gets is always very weird and embarrassing too, people falling over themselves to describe her as 'radical' or say 'how much we need this right now'.


Cat Malogen
Haven’t listened, so a review,
what’s all the epilepsy triggers, bit occulted

track 1 - ho? Beyoncé, please. The browser autocorrected the accent on e, cosmic
track 2 - pussy pink, hmmm, busy, lyric is lazy not cozy forgettable except it has an old sample in there not quite coming to mind reminiscent of not much
track 3 - 2step break, oooh sexy time bad bitch whip whip into edm gash
track 4 - skip, skip, noodle voice oh dear space ship apologetic, skip
track 5 - skip
track 6 - give this one to someone who knows how to put weight into a kick drum and any number of processes might be able to salvage it. Humphries, M@W, MK, I dunno
track 7 - lol, u what mate
track 8 - soundtrack playing while @suspended seduces a fleshlight trying not to think of good imaginary child porn

is there more? ok, for Dissensus

track 9 - right, a groove sort of for the first time but it’s been done better by stacks of folks, terrible lyrics, don’t like the bass sound ie she could’ve tapped a Murk 3D bass or anything with weight. it slaps rather than thumps, forgettable

does it get any better?


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Did house ever really go away to the extent this can be described as a renaissance?

No, and - at the risk of belaboring the point already made - this idea that more generally pop music is lacking in danceabilty and fun and sex, and Beyonce was needed to remind everybody of the joys of embodiment, seems bizarre. Isn't that what the radioscape is routinely composed of anyway, since forever?

I mean, Doja Cat is doing all that, albeit admittedly not with a recycled Robin S lick


The number of sexual fantasies feat. me which Hands has publicly admitted in the past week alone makes me scared of how many he's actively entertaining


All these attempts at character assassination are unbecoming Hands—you're supposed to be the adult here, I'm just an unmarried 20-something shooting the shit & entertaining myself.


"Beyonce wants to do a record that's just fun and not a serious statement. Great! Let's write 4000 thousand words of schoolmarmy drear explaining how significant this is"
Do you remember how she became this sort of figure/critical darling? What made people decide she was worth investing this kind of intellectualizing attention on?


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Do you remember how she became this sort of figure/critical darling? What made people decide she was worth investing this kind of intellectualizing attention on?

I think it was once Lemonade dropped and she repositioned herself as more of a political figure.
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it's just rubbish. simple as. people who have no clue about what house music is. In a way like the exagerrated pseudo-antiintellectual affectations of Luke, who at least knows he is taking the piss. These wasteman believe the shit they're coming out with. I'm dilligently avoiding reading ilx until JD Twitch tells them to fuck off and listen to dj pierre wild pitch rekkids.