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couldn't agree with you more! there was some funk committed to vinyl in the early 90s, but these records are extremely rare, even in brazil. CD funk compilations were a thing for awhile there, too, though most of the really weird and wonderful stuff that's been produced over the past decade will likely vanish if the internet ever goes kaput :(



This was a favorite of mine while I was there 4 or so years ago

Kondzilla is basically the main guy putting out funk videos. All sorts of styles. Racking up insane amounts of views. Hit n miss tho and he's definitely on the more commercial side of things. There's much rawer stuff out there which I tend to prefer. Trying to remember the name they called it. Also some of it is just named by the bpm like the vid in the previous post
Got a lot of gay friends and sometimes after a bar closes we go back to someone's house and they put tunes on, start twerking like crazy. This is one that they put on that really stood out to me, it's pretty fucking fire, glad you put it up cos I'd forgotten it.


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