Short Films - suggestions and help


although if I was doing a short film night I'd probably end up screening the darkest public information films:

Lonely Water ( 1973 )

Apaches ( 1977 )

( the kid drowning in the slurry is particularly bleak )

edit: just rewatching it now and I have to admit I laughed out loud at the kid falling off the tractor and his guts flying all over the road

Someone else made that exact same suggestion... or did you say it before yourself? I suppose that's possible.


Or maybe it's just a good idea... I think I was pretty much the only English person there so to everyone else those films will be unknown I suppose... and also very strange. Hmmm, I should watch through some and see if they could work.


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I think I have seen the black tower by John Smith, the one where it keeps following him around. I'll we transfer that Cameron jamie film to you.


Yeah that's it, I think it will be a good one to show.
Brilliant, please do transfer.
I dunno if you remember that last year there was a guy came through Lisbon and he had a film showing at festivals round Europe - but not Portugal, so we did a screening.

Thinking I might show that one cos it was really good. Also he has a new one which he says is better


I've only heard of him cos this guy Iosu mentioned him when he came before, I resolved to check him out but never did. I really must though.


It's interesting, I watched through The Bloodthirsty Fairy (albeit without sound) to check if it is suitable for the film night and... I'm not really sure.

When the opening and closing credits come up it gratuitously displays a swastika
When they require a metaphor for something that happens, the camera switches to someone holding down a chicken and then they chop off its head with a meat cleaver.

In the final scene the fairy's collection jars imply who she is aiming to kill later. Almost the final empty jar in the collection is labelled Salazar (the Portuguese dic-tator) which is almost too perfect...

The thing is, I'm worried about the chicken scene particularly, the film was made 50 years ago but sensibilities have changed and I think that that might actually upset people. It crossed my mind that I might try editing that out but then it struck me that I would be positioning myself as a kind of paternalistic modern day Bowdler protecting people from things I decided they couldn't handle.


I emailed my film expert friend and he sent me the following a few minutes later. Think I'm gonna be covered for some good tips...

"Your short film events sound fantastic! As you say, short films are hard to beat; if well curated, there ought to be something for everyone (which, when combined with a DJ set, should make for a really memorable evening). The bar owner's caution is understandable, but I would be quite amazed if there were any repercussions from showing short films (especially anything remotely obscure), though keeping the selections secret prior to the screenings is a great idea anyway.

Fortunately, I now have an improved copy of Lethem's La fée sanguinaire along with the negative version of Raysse's Le Grand Depart.

Regarding other short films (and keeping in mind what might play well in this context), I'd suggest some of the following personal favourites for consideration:
Adoration - Olivier Smolders (minimal dialogue in French, with English subtitles)
The Eye Like A Strange Balloon
Heart Of The World
Sissy Boy Slap Party - Guy Maddin (Guy makes great shorts and these three are his best - no dialogue)
O Is For Orgasm - Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani (from the makers of Amer - no dialogue)
Blok - Hieronim Neumann (no dialogue)
Grim - Takashi Ito (no dialogue - Ito's a genius of stop-motion filmmaking)
Fuego en Castilla - Jose Val del Omar (no dialogue)
Los Huesos - Joaquín Cociña & Cristóbal León (wonderful macabre animation in the style of Witkin)
Colloque de chiens - Raoul Ruiz (lots of dialogue in this one, but it's great - English audio)"


surprisingly it wasn't me, but there must be more than one sicko frequents this forum?
The Lonely Water one might actually be worth showing but Apaches is too long, do you know any other good/weird ones that are short enough that the joke won't wear off?


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Broken Glass

watch your step...

Tufty Ice Cream Van

Willy Weasel pays the price for not asking mummy to take him to the ice cream van

The Fatal Floor

“Polish a floor, put a rug on it, you might as well set a man trap…”

Play Safe - Frisbee


Close To The Edge

safety conscious rap

Johnny was a fool,
he didn't act kool

Rabies Means Death

don't let the cat out of the bag...
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