Raiders of the Lost Darc Ii - 11th Feb Desterro, Lisbon


After the success of their first night Idle Rich and Harrison IV return to Desterro to unleash the pulsating power of EBM

Raiders of the Lost Darc II
Desterro 11.02.23 from 9pm
3 euros membership of Desterro plus artist donation as much as you like.
Harrison IV (Raiders of the Lost Darc)
Idle Rich (Invisible Sounds)
Plus a live art performance Lines of Sight

Idle Rich and Harrison IV light up the Darcness with the pulsing flashing energy of EBM, the irresistible pounding bass weight of new beat and the searing whipcrack of acid. You won't be able to see a thing so follow the beat and you will feel.

Lines of Flight [live/Performance]
Lines of Flight, a term developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus (1987), designates an infinitesimal possibility of escape; it is the elusive moment when change happens, as it was bound to, when a threshold between two paradigms is crossed. “Line of flight” is Brian Massumi's English translation of the French “ligne de fuite,” where “fuite” means the act of fleeing or eluding but also flowing, leaking (1987:xvii).
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I didn't realize it's actually a pun, DARC is the organization that runs Desterro, plus it's pitch dark in there so it works in two ways.


Facebook Event is here - this time pulling out all the stops that we don't usually bother with such as Time Out, Resident Advisor etc really wanna build this into a monthly night which people want to go to, where they know what to expect and they know it will be good and they look forward to it. The sort of thing where regulars will start to recognize tunes and even start to say "that's an Idle Rich tune from DARC" and so on.

Also, generally it shuts about half-two but, if we arrange with the staff, it does have the possibility of going later, so my feeling is that, if it goes as planned with people enjoying the residents, we could do special nights that go later with guest DJs - we will need the extension cos there is not enough time for guests if it's in from 10pm until just after 2am, but also, I want it to be that people want to come and catch the residents - the guests should be a bonus rather than something we need to pack it out.

I guess I'm getting way ahead of myself here - at the moment I need to concentrate on making sure that the next night is busy and we put on a rocking party with a great vibe that everyone enjoys... but the above is my dream. I'm just very excited about this night I suppose.


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there are many ways in which dissensus is ahead of the curve;

not long after after @IdleRich expressed an interest in EBM:

in the last few days, EBM is news;

Blind Test: EBM / Industrial

full disclosure - I was rubbish at this, I only got Portion Control

there was something else where the forum was ahead but I'm too drunk to recall
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