Ambient Techno


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can i live here forever?- in this thread also...There's a lovely comment on discogs on the Stasis page. Someone saying that after the rave was the best time becos you would go home and "fly" to this music. I always feel that way - the club is just the gateway to this music that comes after.
i listened to this with a friend who'd never heard it before. We were superhigh after a night out. When it finished he said: "touching". Job done.


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I bought the wagon Christ LP back then and 28 years later, I still don't know how I feel about it. Prefer LV's other stuff.
It is the complete opposite for me. When he starts doing 'funky advanced beat trickery' I'm out.

Rude Velvet

Awright, Gorgias?
He's a talented fella.

Listened to this driving over the downs this evening, on the 20 years of planet mu comp. Sino grime techno, pretty unique.



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bound to have been posted somewhere on here already. As u say, from e.g. 'Shadows' or Kerrier district to 'Drum & Bass for Papa'...the range is immense.