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wild greens

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Kneejerk response I don't really like his voice for spem reason but the production is interesting. I had one of his tunes saved on my Spotify must have heard it on nts and I had thought it was a woman singing. (That's not why I dislike his voice lol)

Very very kneejerk though so forgive that

I get that, i skipped the first track straight away this morning (twice in fact!) but in the end i think it works for most part. Its a big juxtaposition though, you're right, he's a bit boyband sounding


bandz ahoy
Had a trawl through my Spotify release radar playlist.

Made me realise part of the problem is the sheer volume of stuff that's coming out, I'm tired before I even start listening to stuff.

Anyway, didn't expect one of the most ear catching things to be a (I assume new) song by Supercat, produced by Supercat. Preferred this to the various skeng and intence etc tunes in the playlist.

Guess I am old lol



bandz ahoy
This is one of my favourite tunes from 2023. Absolutely nothing groundbreaking or mindblowing about this but right up my alley, esp. at this time of year.


Benny B

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Just been doing my occasional (as luka calls it) desultory trawl through new music looking for something good

Nothing good so far as i can hear
I did the desultory trawl through through new dancehall last night, absolutely nothing but mush, not even one good tune from the last couple of months, nada