Monthly Audio-Essay Communal Listening Events in Manchester


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Thought it might be worth posting this on here for anyone based near Manchester.

Myself and my partner have been hosting an ongoing series of listening events based around—or taking as their starting point—the work of Mark Fisher. We've been doing them for around a year now at Peste, which is a bar/bookshop/cafe in Ancoats. The events have and will continue to directly explore Fisher’s work alongside broader aspects of associated techno-social theory, as well as pursuing the potentials of the audio-essay and communal listening events as contemporary medium and method.

Previous months have covered Sadie Plant, Robin Mackay, Xenofeminism, Shumon Basar, Sonic Cyberfeminism and more. You can find the pdf's / audios of most of the previous months content in a shared drive we have set up (link below).

The next one is currently scheduled for 11th May, 8pm. Audio will play for 1hr max.

Has been a really nice way of meeting likeminded people so far. All welcome!

Google Drive (access needs to be requested)


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It's the pdf's from each session and (where possible) the audio as well. There's also additional reading matter in a few of the sessions as well as a more general library of related material we're collating.