Does Anyone Want To Write Some Stuff About Films?


I think most of you will have noticed that I am putting on a monthly short film night here in Lisbon at a place called In Bloom. Each month I select a number of films adding up to about two hours or so in total and I try and drag everyone in town who might be even vaguely interested to come and check them out. I also get a DJ to play (ideally film and TV OSTs) before, between and after the films. It's a very DIY type thing with the aim of getting as many people involved as possible, spending no money, having fun etc etc

At the moment it's really me who runs it, I've got my Russian refugee Taras actually just doing everything, and I'll normally get a friend to DJ, with the aim that whoever DJs is not forgotten the next time, but kinda becomes part of the film night family and hopefully they will come and play another time. I also want to get the people who actually come and watch the films to be more than just passive consumers - although I'm not totally sure how to do this last bit. But the one idea I do have to make it more, I dunno, interactive, is what I'm doing now. And it's a sort of fanzine/mailing list/membership thing, which was the simplest way I could think of to create something to which people could reply.

Last time the event was on I asked people to leave their email addresses (if they wanted to) and I said that from then on there would be a monthly email affiliated to the night with some good stuff on it for members. Thing is, I didn't really have any idea what that good stuff was gonna be at that point, I suppose I was trying to emulate Cortez when he burnt his boats cutting off his retreat and forcing himself to move forward. In the same way I think that by promising people they would receive something I hoped it would force me to make something to send out. Although I did leave a bit of wriggle room by saying that it would start off small and become more ambitious as time went on.

So at some point over the next couple of weeks I will send out the first email. I plan to include some promo for next time including a video we're working on. Another thing would be to draw people's attention to any cool film stuff happening in town. It will keep a running record of what we've shown so far and eventually I even hope there will be some creative stuff. I suppose I will have to write something, maybe on the films I saw in Serbia. Later on I'd like to get people maybe suggesting films, even submitting essays...

But, although the email will be related to the film night and I'm first creating it for Lisbonites, it struck me that you could of course still read it or contribute to it from anywhere.

So, I'm getting to the point. It's all open to you lot. Basically if you want to get on the mailing list (which obviously is gonna start very small and unimpressive) feel free to DM me, and if you wanna contribute, even better, send me a DM. Also any advice or help or tips would be gratefully accepted.