0bleak - Beat Them in the Middle Part 2 (The Other Side)


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new mix available for streaming and/or download:

It's also available as part of a larger Spanish podcast. See the most recent post for information about places where it's available at https://www.facebook.com/tendiendo.acero

Sully: Swandive [Astrophonica] (0bleak edit / remix)
Sativa Club: Phonato Riddim [XCPT] (0bleak remix / edit)
Blocks & Escher: Bird [Metalheadz]
Homemade Weapons: Open Water [Samurai]
Dom featuring Current Affairs: Drones [Moving Shadow]
Howitzer: Blackjacks [SweetBox]
Pushlock: Ghosting [XCPT]
Torn: Ferrum Wood [47]
Special Request: Leviathan [Houndstooth]
Mønic: Beyond the Bounds [Osiris]
Slikback: RAM [Slikback[
AnD: Corrugated Windows [Electric Deluxe]
Sam KDC: Purgatory VIP [Sam KDC]
Aspect & Gremlinz: Kilo VIP [Architecture]
Slave to Society & Honzo: Black Hole [Carbone / Scuderia]
Holsten: Breath of Life [UVB-76]
Slave to Society: Tundra [Natural Selection]
Mike Dred: Helta Skelta [Machine Codes]
Paragon & Gremlinz: Oranda (Paragon VIP) [Paragon]
Cybotron feat. Dillinja: Revelations [Prototype]
Flaminia & VSK: Tenebra [47]
C Mantle: Groover [Cathartic Noize Experience]
BR1002: The Shadows Die Twice [Instruments of Discipline]
Shrouds: Mind Control [Black Carpet]
Manni Dee: Closer [Perc Trax]
Presha: Mainliner (Homemade Weapons remix) [Samurai]
Imaginary Forces: Council Flat (Roly Porter burning light version) [Bedouin]
Last Life: Elements [Samurai]
Red Army: Poison the Well [Samurai]
Birds of Prey: Black Vulture - Talker rework [Kathexis]
Authentically Plastic: Strakka [Youth]
Reeko & Surgeon: Scoundrel [Mental Disorder]