Short Film Night Number 6 - Weds 19th July at Ocio (formerly In Bloom) from seven thirty pm FREE ENTRY


The next short film night hoves into view. This is a special one as this month also sees the launch of the first - soon to be monthly - newsletter for the night. If you want to join on to the newsletter (or you have already sent me your address but have not received it) then please PM me and send your email address to get on to the list.

In Bloom has changed hands and is now called Ocio (which means Idleness interestingly enough), but it's still the exact same spot with all the same facilities. It's the same night as it's always been, entry is free and the DJ starts with the soundtrack music at seven thirty pm, as always the films will be announced on the night, as always they will start at eight thirty and there will be around two hours worth of serious head fuckery, interspersed with breaks for discussion and the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol.

I look forward to seeing you there.