London Merchants of Death Walking Tour 05/08/23


Dear friend

As part of the preparations to resist DSEI 2023, London CAAT will be organising another Merchants of Death Walking Tour on Saturday 5th August, starting at 2pm in Central London. More details and booking (free) via Eventbrite.

They say,

"With the DSEI arms fair returning to London in September, London Campaign Against Arms Trade have put on this walking tour to introduce people to some of the arms companies in our midst, companies which will display their deadly wares at the fair.

DSEI, which stands for the Defence & Security Equipment International, is a four day trade fair where countries with dubious human rights records will shop for the latest weapons and hobnob with government officials.

We will be visiting the offices of some of the major arms companies who will be exhibiting at the fair including BAE Systems, Leonardo, and others.

Come along to find out more about these heinous companies, join with other campaigners, and get inspired to take action against the fair."

You can book a ticket (free) via Eventbrite. I hope you get a chance to join this great event!

Kirsten Bayes
Campaign Against Arms Trade

P.S. If you are getting ready to resist DSEI, find out what has been confirmed via the CAAT Events Page. As well as details of Legal Observer and Know Your Rights training coming up this week, save the date for a planned "DSEI: Make the Connection" webinar on the evening August 30th. This will share knowledge about the fair, and how it links to key issues like war, borders, policing and Palestine.