The story of LK-99’s superconductivity


Looking into this, it's a loooong story with a dose of happy accident, and it might well turn out to be the first room-temperature, room-pressure superconductor.

One morning in 2020, just as the Covid lockdown worldwide begins, he sees a huge spike. He repeats the test and see nothing in the retest. He goes over the methodology for the anomalous test in his lab notes. Nothing. He starts viewing the video from the lab, each sample photographed before and after it enters the furnace. There is a crack on quartz capsule after the furnace exit. He reviews the video, and sees himself bumping his elbow against the desk after the furnace exit as he transfers the capsule to the weighing scale. The work proceeds fast from here. Oxygen introduced at precisely the right moment changed the structure of the lead apatite crystal being formed. Within three months they’ve isolated the ghost that had haunted the team for 20 years, and crystallized it. You can hold it in your hand. It floats. A magical rock. Lee is ecstatic. Kwon is dumbfounded.

The year is 2038. LK-99 has revolutionized computing, energy production, and battery manufacturing. the average website takes 10 seconds to load 500MB of javascript and a typical laptop draws a kilowatt of energy for a battery life of about 6 hours. there is still no new housing