Invisible Sounds vs Porto part n


Yet another flying visit to Porto on Friday... bus there in the afternoon, then...

Ferro Bar, Porto - Friday 4th August 11.30pm
Lizatron and Idle Rich dropping leftfield acidified dubbed out cold beat body music all fucking night

Torto, Porto - Sat 5th August 10pm
Lizatron and Idle Rich begin and together until about 1am where I take over and Liza sneaks out to....

Cafe Au Lait, Porto - Sun 6th August 1am
Lizatron and Ricardo until about 4am or so I guess.

Then catch first bus home at 7am


Oh here we are back in super hipster motel... ooh how I love and hate you Sodosopa.

I had some sandwiches I'd made for the journey and a couple are left, so we can leave them in the kitchen with its door made of video cassettes.