Cat Malogen
Did 4 months a long long time ago, bargained down from 2 years-ish, for intent to supply courtesy of an ex who’d been snagged for possession and couldn’t handle her own charges

Dobbed, young Americans, leading to plea bargaining, back when sewer outlets weren’t checked for flushed stashes

Wouldn’t recommend it


Cat Malogen
It’s a form of currency. Ultimates are people like Freddie Scappaticci, head of the Ra’s knocking squad. When you realise he was the highest level tout/asset/snitch for the British govt for at least 15 years, you also realise how many British agents MI5 served up as sacrifices to keep his cover. No-one really knows the exact numbers but it’s easily in the mid hundreds. Madness


Cat Malogen
Locally, the Gunn brothers, two faces ie complete mugs from Bestwood who put Nottingham on the gun map just ask Bill Kent, had numerous polis on the payroll. However, their clincher, the link which served up a successful double murder revenge hit of an antagonist’s mother and stepfather (in Skegness of all places), was a BT employee who traced calls to a couple living anonymously after being given new i.d’s and a fully funded relocation move

Possibly the most corrupt level the city descended to early/mid 00’s. Utter disintegration of morality - an 11 year old girl shot in the face Goose Fair 2005 compounded by a cat’s cradle of grasses unwilling to shop management, uniform AND plainclothes being steered away from key areas by compromised colleagues with two idiots at the top feeding the law up their competition as a form of entertainment

A daylight robbery in Sherwood which went tits up after a jewellery owner was gunned down midday, ended up with one lad reaching out to the law except he never made it to his handler and the only trace was a trainer later found in a Gunn associate’s pig farm


Femboyism IS feminism.
One man's snitch is another man's whistleblower.... it's like saying that you love freedom fighters but hate terrorists.
There's a difference between leaking information to the public and using evidence of a crime to bargain with the cops for your freedom. People shouldn't get special rewards for working with the police, that's all I'm saying. I don't think Assange or Snowden snitched to save themselves from the wrath of the law.


Yeah I do agree with that to be honest and I do think that testimonial evidence from someone who flipped to save themselves probably should count for less - or actually something a bit different from that, at least have its validity carefully weighed... at the same time, I recognise there are gradations between the two extremes that make it harder to separate and categorise than your version makes it out.


Cat Malogen
How do you stop informing when free drugs are involved

Some of the worst snitches witnessed were in grow circles. It just took one drunk running their mouth in the pub at the wrong time and no matter how careful you are, there’s always someone leaving a trail of tarred tin foil wraps back to law enforcement, or worse

Sickening recriminations, knees hobbled, endless debt, so even growers can end up jacking other crops. Everyone met around certain pathways has had at least one grow go violently wrong from grasses. Hideous injuries, guns, kids, madness




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Darren Gee On Drug Dealers Becoming Snitches

poetry from L5:

He's a NONCE
He chases KIDS
He's a GRASS

It's because I'm exposing this type in my city of Liverpool
and I have been doing
for the last six years
continuously exposing people for
doing what they're doing
to the youth
and destroying our communities

I don't think you'll get anyone in Manchester willing
to have the biggest balls in the world
to do what I'm doing

I don't think you will

It's the same everywhere now isn't it
It's the same everywhere mate
It's apalling and
it's people like me that scream about it that
get shut down
it's people like me that scream about it that
get isolated
cut off
label this
label that

is mental health this
is mental health that

my mental health is intact
and stronger than any rat
out there

do understand what I'm saying?

it is

you might see me at the beginning
put me music on
having a little joke
that's just my personality

I've always had a buzz
I've always had a scream

they don't like it

you're on it

they're too stuck up their own arses
to let themselves go for an hour
they can't just relax like I can
and just be
whatever I want to be

they've got to conform to the way drug dealers are meant to be
you can't have a joke

you know what I mean?

just step back and look at them
just step back and look at them

they've all got fake teeth


Femboyism IS feminism.
Where is the evidence Snoop snitched? Tekashi was one of the biggest, most unapologetic informants ever. Case study on why hip hop hates snitching.
Legend has it, Tekashi wanted to jump the male lesbian using his security guards. He wanted negative stripes in the hood.


It's a good job that NHS managers ignored those tattle-tales over Letby for so many years or we wouldn't know just how bad she really is.