Leaning In: The Only Way Out is Through (?)


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Read that Harmony Korine profile in GQ last night and found myself grimacing when he talked about reduced attention spans and the usual fare then suggested leaning into it, ditching the traditional film and simply catering to this new sensibility.

I appreciate someone trying to work with what's around them, but actively cultivating what seems to be a pretty damaging development strikes me as a misstep.

He doesn't refer to what he's doing as the 'way out' of the title. He says he's been waiting for this situation his whole life. I'm just wondering whether this process of acceleration and miniaturization is a one-way thing, or whether we'll hit a point where things start to go the other way - either because people get bored or because of some logic within the process itself.


On Korine specifically, I'm curious about this Aggro Dr1ft film of his, but I don't have high hopes for the overall EDGLRD project. The pitches being made in the profile aren't particularly convincing. A lot of waffle with some corporate 'creative' sort of terms thrown in and attempts at coining the odd buzzword - "Blinx," "Gamecore."

I appreciate someone trying to work with what's around them,

Whatever my misgivings, I do think this is important. There's a strong argument that there's no way back or around and what needs to be done is serious work on and within the situation to understand it as best we can rather than increasingly futile attempts at batting the thing away and holding it back.

The question is, says Korine, “How do you take the whole idea of entertainment, of live-action gaming, and create something new? The obsession here is that there’s something else after where we’ve been—that one thing is dying, and something new is being born right now.”

We can expand the thread to the principle of the only way out being through in general too. It's definitely applicable in some cases, e.g. exposure therapy for people with anxiety.


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"I didn't sell out; I bought in" (SLC Punk!)

Compare the proliferation of accelerationist movements, e/acc being the hottest.